The COPYRIGHT-POLICE successfully fights piracy for merchants

copyright-police logoLast summer decided to contract the anti-piracy experts of the COPYRIGHT-POLICE ( Since then almost 50.000 files stolen from shopmaker shops have been successfully deleted by the COPYRIGHT-POLICE from tube sites, forums, file lockers, search engines and torrents.

Automatic crawlers and dedicated employees of the COPYRIGHT POLICE permanently scan the internet for pirated films and images. The stolen material is catalogued in a huge database and the rightful content owner is identified in a second process step, partly automated, partly manual. If the content owner is a customer of the COPYRIGHT-POLICE then DMCA takedown notices are sent to the pirate site to delete the content from there.

Basic anti-piracy coverage (COPYRIGHT-POLICE’s Bronze package) is free for all shopmaker shops, a 29€ / month value. It includes:
  • your shopmaker shop prominently shows the COPYRIGHT-POLICE logo to scare pirates even before they steal your content
  • you have your very own account at the COPYRIGHT-POLICE with sophisticated statistics about your content and your piracy problem
  • automated Crawlers are trained with your shop’s keywords (i.e. URL and shop name)
  • automated DMCA takedowns and escalations
  • you can always report stolen files you found yourself and have them removed

Shopmaker merchants who want to do even more against piracy can upgrade to more comprehensive COPYRIGHT-POLICE packages (SILVER, GOLD and DIAMOND) at a reduced price (your 29 Euros from above are taken into account). The higher end packages basically include more manpower and more keywords. Not only automated crawlers will be looking for your stolen material, but also a dedicated human team (located in Germany, Poland, India and the United States) will actively search the corners of the internet for your content.

If you are interested to upgrade, drop us a mail via our contact page. simplifies and cheapens domain name handling

Any shop has its own, unique domain name, e.g. So far, these domain names have typically been managed by the shop owners themselves.

One of the top requests by them was to get rid of these tedious tasks. They want to concentrate on selling their content, not technical administration.

With immediate effect, shop owners can transfer domain management to us. This applies to existing and new domains.

And the best part, not only relieves shop owners from labor intensive tasks, but also takes over the annual fees for all the domains we manage. Why? Because it’s a win-win situation. We profit as well, because we can handle most domain related issues centrally, without the need to communicate with many individual domain administrators.

Of course, shop owners keep complete legal ownership of the domain and can reclaim domain management at any time.

In case you’ve ordered your domain with, you can transfer access rights of your domain to us:

  • Log in to namecheap and select your domain.
  • Click at “Sharing & Transfer”. Enter as new manager.
  • Done

You can also transfer the ownership of your domain to us, so we’ll pay the annual fees:

  • Log in to namecheap and select your domain.
  • Click at “Sharing & Transfer”. Enter as new owner.
  • Done

In case you’ve ordered your domain with, you can transfer the ownership of your domain to us, just follow their howto.