Nice table (when client is subscribing)

By now the selection of a subscription is clearer for the client 😉

How many clients do I have by now?

Now there is a simple way to figure out the number of your registered clients: Just select the states ‘active’ and ‘canceled’ in the client overview

States 'active' and 'canceled' selected

States 'active' and 'canceled' selected

Cancelled clients are still valid as active clients until the end of their remaining runtime because an active client has to cancel his subscription first. After that their state changes from ‘active’ to ‘suspended’ and they are no longer active clients.

Large preview in the collection index

This also works, when you click on the collection-preview in the edit-view of a collection.

Hide collections from nonpaying visitors

If you don’t want to show all of your collections to nonpaying visitors, you are now able to hide particular collections by activating the equal checkbox while posting a collection. Of course you can change this anytime by editing a collection. This is a feature request by

When the checkbox is activated the collection will be hidden from nonpaying visitors. But paying members are still able to see them. This way you can fine-tune which collections are gettting your visitors excited about your content 😉