New feature on-hand: Recurring payment plans

Some of you guys might know very well that we were working costly hard on that issue, but finally we may luckily report great news:

Shazam! From now on we are able to re-bill your clients (again).
In other words: Your clients can now purchase their subscriptions in the form of recurring payment plans, so at the close of a defined period of time (from one month to two years) they’ll be re-billed automatically which permanently renews their subscription until they cancel it.

With the cancellation of a recurring payment plan, your clients are asked to select a reason for termination.
These cancellation reasons can also be modulated and customized by you for analysis!

Technically we made an unseen changeover to a new payment processor who is able to provide us with eCommerce parameters that meet our need.

The very best: All of your existing payment plans have already been shifted. For you there is no difference whatsoever.
Your active payment plans (non-recurring subscriptions) are just expiring. New clients as from today are going to choose your upgraded payment plans.

Your action is required now: Just start using this feature in two shakes and boost your sales by adding new payment plans (same workflow as usual: Merchant Interface Menu > Clients > Payment Plans > Add a payment plan). We’ve already prepared an exemplary “pending” recurring payment plan in your merchant interface to your convenience and review.
Feel free to use this one hereby or simply set up your own:

30 days recurring
Price: $29.95
Price starting from day 31: $24.95 (optional appetizer)

Nice side effect: What about offering a membership trial of 3 days with an automated re-billing of a full subscription right after that? ­čÖé

Please pay attention to the fact that, as of now, the lifecycle of a subscription is no longer calculated on a monthly but on a daily basis: 1 month is now 30 days.

Thanks for reading!

If you have any requests or concerns regarding this feature, please feel free contact us – no matter what.

SOFORT Banking now available in your shopping cart system

Yippie-yay, folks! We are constantly engineering and brushing up shop features or functionalities, hammering at website improvements to get finer results in usability and conversion rates. Today we have a little present for you regarding the international direct payment system SOFORT Banking:

We enhanced your payment options by enabling the SOFORT Banking gateway for one-time payments (single downloads) in your shopping cart system (at the cash point of paysites powered by download and even at

Your clients are able to select SOFORT Banking (Sofort├╝berweisung) in the checkout process as their favored method of payment.

Brief summary of the biggest advantages for you and your clients

No registration required (secure and easy payments at checkout)
High coverage of banks (SOFORT Banking is already available in 10 European countries)
Real-time transaction (instant download: digital goods can be received immediately)
Automated processes (no charge backs)

Sorry, it’s time to switch your ip address again

The “older” ones of you might remember our last DNS change back in 2011 when we advised you to change the DNS entry from one IP to another. These changes are always quite nifty since the domains are your property and your action is required to change the corresponding IP. Well, it’s time again to change your IP. From now on please use This is the address of the new server.

There is a howto explaining parts of the process for here. Of course you can skip the part about registering a new domain and just change the IP.

So please go ahead and do the change now so your shop won’t experience any downtime. If you have any questions regarding this process don’t hesitate to contact us.