Our paid advertising experiences

In the past two weeks we have tried paid advertising with one shop of shopmaker.com. Advertising is a tedious thing to be sustainable. So you could, for example, continuously invest 10% or 20% of the profits of your own shops from the previous month in paid advertising.

As you might have heard, Google has announced a couple of months ago, to no longer accept advertising for adult content. Therefore, we have been looking for another advertising partner and found JuicyAds (www.juicyads.com).

JuicyAds is easy to use and you can increase traffic to your own sites with a small budget.

Here you can see the significant increase in visitor numbers after the start of the Pay-Per-Click campaign on July 31:stats

At JuicyAds you can select the countries in which the own banners will be shown, determine the maximum daily budget and set the maximum amount per click. After tinkering with different banners, target countries and Pay-Per-Click sums, we have achieved the most clicks with only 1.5 cents per click.

Here is an impression of the JuicyAds user interface, e.g. to select the target countries, together with statistics of the clicks per countries of the last 48 hours. So, if you have a strong user base in – let’s say – Germany already, you could exclude Germany from your campaign to get customers from other countries specifically.juicyads

If you have questions about JuicyAds or need assistance in setting up a campaign, please notify us.

You definitely need some banners, including at least one in the size of 728×90 pixels. More banners in other sizes cannot hurt, because they lead to more clicks.