New: Your shop tweets!

Great news: You may now connect your Twitter account to your shop at Shopmaker.

After your setup at Twitter we’ll tweet updates from your shop right to your stream. You may even select the segments from which your tweet is composed. We’ll also tweet as clipspool_com when a collection from you is published at

All this you’ll find in your shops’ social media settings.

New: Customizable locales in merchant interface and auto translations

The locales shown are now customizable. All German speaking merchants get ‘German’ in addition to ‘English’ so they may enter their texts in both languages. You can even change the order of the languages in the preferences.

German and English text fields

We’re also able to auto-translate your content to English now. Just leave the english text fields empty and we’ll translate them in no time.

If you’re not speaking German you’ll no longer see the german input fields and get less distracted.