Mobile-friendly shop design ready for beta testing

Our new mobile-friendly design is available for all shops. If you want to try it, please go to your shop and insert “:88” after the end of your URL, for example:

We implemented a “switch”, so you can let your customers benefit from the new design already in the beta testing stage. For a while the old and the new design will be available in parallel to gather feedback. To enable the new design for end customers, please go to your shops’ preferences in your merchant interface and choose the 2nd option:

Take a look here to see that our design passed Google’s “Mobile Friendly Test”. If you want to perform this test with your shop, enter your shop URL here and do not forget to enter the “:88” at the end:

Linking and sharing of collections with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Co.

A much requested feature has just been released: Any collection gets its own set of social media sharing buttons, so clients can “like” or “share” your content on basically any known social media or communication network:

social media buttons

Sharing options do not only include Facebook and Twitter, but also more traditional tools like emails or mobile applications like WhatsApp.

This feature complements the links to your own social media accounts, which are shown in the footer of your shop (and which you can add and edit yourself in the merchant interface).

100 % success rate of’s anti-piracy DMCA department

About a year ago we asked for your support to further improve our anti-piracy activities. In particular we recommended putting watermarks into your videos / images for easier identification of illegally shared files. And we encouraged you to send us the links to your pirated files to complement our own search activities.’s abuse department follows a multi-stage escalation process based upon the legal framework provided by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Any company on the Internet that receives a so-called “DMCA Takedown Notice” is legally bound to act immediately and remove the pirated files.

Our escalation process has stood the test of time. In the last year all (!!!) files that we complained about have been deleted in the end, a 100% success rate. Sometimes the file sharing website itself did not comply immediately, so we had to escalate the process to the infringing website’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) or even its payment provider. But in the end all pirated material was successfully removed.

Please continue to send us any pirated file you find to in order to continue this success story and keep up the fight against piracy.

Browser-based “HTML File Uploader” officially released

The “HTML File Uploader” has finished beta testing and is now officially available for business. Many merchants have participated in the testing phase and a couple of thousand files have already been uploaded directly from the browser.

The new method is a superior alternative to the well-known upload via FTP and includes the following features:

  • Direct integration into the Merchant Interface
  • Multiple simultaneous uploads possible
  • Progress bar available
  • No more FTP client needed
  • Detection of incomplete uploads

In particular the last point can avoid many issues. FTP is a very old protocol and there is no way to tell if a file has been uploaded completely or if the connection was broken. Now, using the “HTML File Uploader” we can easily distinguish incomplete transfers from the rest.

You can find the “HTML File Uploader” in the Merchant Interface at “Media / Upload media”:HTML-File-Uploader

Of course, for the time being, you can continue using your FTP client.

Improved social media integration into

Facebook and Youtube each have more than a billion users, Twitter reported more than 300 million active accounts, and reportedly Instagram recently surpassed Twitter’s user numbers. Content on social media sites can be shared and spread by users, which can unleash tremendous – sometimes viral – advertising effects.

Upon request, it has always been possible to put a link to a social media account into any shop built with And in addition to that, new promotional videos are already automatically published via the Twitter account of

With the new Responsive Design, announced last week, this integration has become even tighter and easier. And this new functionality can be utilized immediately – even with the old design.

Links to social media accounts can now easily be managed in the merchant interface under Preferences/Edit Shop. The item “social media” is located at the bottom of the page. Then, for each entry the appropriate social media icon will appear automatically in the footer of the shop. Here is the list of supported services and their respective icons (from left to right):

social media buttons

A good example for successful social media marketing is provided by DutchDame.

PIWIK: The most powerful web analytics for

To run a successful website you need to know your customers. How many visitors did you have, where did they come from, which website referred them, what browser did they use, how long did they stay, what pages did they visit?

Web analytics tools like PIWIK or Google Analytics provide this kind of information, in order to improve the effectiveness of a website or estimate how traffic changes after the launch of a new advertising campaign.

Due to privacy concerns we deliberately decided against using Google Analytics and chose PIWIK for Although Google Analytics is a very powerful web analytics tool it raises serious privacy issues, because data is stored on Google’s servers.’s PIWIK is running on our own secure servers and supports our strategy of data protection for our customers.

The PIWIK web analytics tools are directly available for all shops from the merchant interface. You can even order daily or weekly reports to keep updated about your shop’s performance.


Announcing the new affiliate network

This week officially launched its affiliate marketing program. All shops operated by can now set up their own individual affiliate program.

Any shop with an affiliate program will automatically display an affiliate link ($ Webmaster $) in its footer. In addition to that affiliate can also register directly at

The affiliate network boasts some unique features:

  • An affiliate can select, promote and manage any available affiliate program of different shops/paysites from one single account. And sales for different programs are combined into one payout.
  • Depending on the setup of the individual affiliate program, affiliates can earn money for subscriptions (and rebills) as well as for shopping cart downloads.
  • Commissions are credited independently of the payment method, so the affiliate earns money for any sale through VISA, Mastercard, paysafecard, Bitcoin or bank transfer (sofortüberweisung).
  • An extensive list of promotion tools is made available to affiliates: banners, videos and images as free hosted galleries. These promotion tools are based on the imagesets and videos sold by the shop and have the same high resolution and quality.

Trial memberships – lower the hurdles for your customers to subscribe

Customers do not want to add just another monthly bill to their monthly expenses. What they DO want, though, is the great content you are offering them. So, what you need to do is to lower the hurdles that might prevent a sale.

Probably one of the biggest concerns somebody has before joining a membership site is wondering if it will be worth their money. Before potential customers decide whether or not they will sign up, they are most likely thinking, “Am I really going to like it?”

And the easiest way to help your prospects past this conflict is to have a paid trial and show them a fraction of what they will be getting once they get full access.

The system allows you to do just that easily: with a standard payment plan that has – in contrast to a normal payment plan – tight restrictions.

For trail memberships you simply set up another payment plan and decide:

  • How to name the new payment plan. The words “Trial Membership” or something similar spring to mind immediately 😉
  • If the trial membership is limited by download volume or time (number of allowed downloads or max. number of days running)
  • If the trial membership should terminate automatically or should transform itself into a rebilling membership at the end of the trial

Anonymous payments with paysafecard

paysafecard, Europe’s most popular online prepaid payment method, just became available for virtually all shops.

paysafecard lets you pay online quickly, simply, safely and anonymously as if using cash. It is available at more than 450.000 sales outlets worldwide and thousands of online shops accept paysafecard.

This prepaid card is the perfect addition to the already existing payment methods of VISA, Mastercard and SOFORT (SEPA bank transfer). More information about paysafecard and where to buy this prepaid card in North America, South America, Europe and the rest of the world you can find here.