The all new – The merchant interface

Last week we reported that all shops will soon be converted to a new „Look&Feel“ for end customers. At the same time, we are refurbishing the merchant interface, especially in regards to functionality and usability.

The new merchant interface is available already for all merchants, even if the respective shop itself has not been converted to the new “mobile friendly” design yet.  Some admin features apply to the new design alone, though.

Go to and log in with your known merchant login credentials (username and password). Merchants who are running several different shops under one username will find it particularly useful that they now can manage all shops from one single location and do not have to go to each shop’s URL separately.

For the next couple of weeks, we are planning a series of blog posts to highlight noteworthy features of the “The all new”.

Here is a look at the new merchant

Browser-based “HTML File Uploader” officially released

The “HTML File Uploader” has finished beta testing and is now officially available for business. Many merchants have participated in the testing phase and a couple of thousand files have already been uploaded directly from the browser.

The new method is a superior alternative to the well-known upload via FTP and includes the following features:

  • Direct integration into the Merchant Interface
  • Multiple simultaneous uploads possible
  • Progress bar available
  • No more FTP client needed
  • Detection of incomplete uploads

In particular the last point can avoid many issues. FTP is a very old protocol and there is no way to tell if a file has been uploaded completely or if the connection was broken. Now, using the “HTML File Uploader” we can easily distinguish incomplete transfers from the rest.

You can find the “HTML File Uploader” in the Merchant Interface at “Media / Upload media”:HTML-File-Uploader

Of course, for the time being, you can continue using your FTP client.

PIWIK: The most powerful web analytics for

To run a successful website you need to know your customers. How many visitors did you have, where did they come from, which website referred them, what browser did they use, how long did they stay, what pages did they visit?

Web analytics tools like PIWIK or Google Analytics provide this kind of information, in order to improve the effectiveness of a website or estimate how traffic changes after the launch of a new advertising campaign.

Due to privacy concerns we deliberately decided against using Google Analytics and chose PIWIK for Although Google Analytics is a very powerful web analytics tool it raises serious privacy issues, because data is stored on Google’s servers.’s PIWIK is running on our own secure servers and supports our strategy of data protection for our customers.

The PIWIK web analytics tools are directly available for all shops from the merchant interface. You can even order daily or weekly reports to keep updated about your shop’s performance.


New: Communicate with your clients, write “News”

Many of our webmasters have requested a way to inform their clients about recent  developments, for example a new model, updated payment plans or changes to the website.


A new feature is now available for all shops, the “News” section. Within your merchant interface you can write short news articles, which will then appear on your website.

“News” are currently unidirectional, but maybe we will add a comment function for the clients later.