SOFORT Banking now available in your shopping cart system

Yippie-yay, folks! We are constantly engineering and brushing up shop features or functionalities, hammering at website improvements to get finer results in usability and conversion rates. Today we have a little present for you regarding the international direct payment system SOFORT Banking:

We enhanced your payment options by enabling the SOFORT Banking gateway for one-time payments (single downloads) in your shopping cart system (at the cash point of paysites powered by download and even at

Your clients are able to select SOFORT Banking (Sofort├╝berweisung) in the checkout process as their favored method of payment.

Brief summary of the biggest advantages for you and your clients

No registration required (secure and easy payments at checkout)
High coverage of banks (SOFORT Banking is already available in 10 European countries)
Real-time transaction (instant download: digital goods can be received immediately)
Automated processes (no charge backs)

New: Setting the price is enough to sell collections now

The Sell on download sites flag is the source of confusion quite often because it is necessary to set the flag and to set a price to sell a collection via download. We removed the Sell on download sites flag so now it’s enough to set the price to sell a collection.

Please use the quickedit view to check your collections. When you want single collections not to be sold, just clear the price. You can also contact our staff if you want us to set the default price for all your collections.

New: Email notification of sold carts

We just deployed the possibility to send an email to you, in case you sell a cart in download. You will get a notification similar to the rss feed:

A cart notification email

A cart notification email

You do not need to enable this, since it is enabled by default. Nevertheless, if you want to disable this uncheck the box “Do you want to receive a sales notification by email when you sell a subscription?” in the merchant preferences. download finally launched!

We finally launched download. Well, at least you can get a first impression of download at since this is the first shop to try our new product! Next to every collection the client finds the new link “add to cart” as you can see here:

Add to cart!

Add to cart!

After you added the collection to your cart you can continue shopping or go to checkout:
The cart

The cart

At the moment you can use anonymous credit card payment as well as anonymous paysafecard to pay your content. Later we plan to also allow payment with sofort├╝ The next task is to enable other shops and to bring up! Stay tuned!

The first preview screenshots of download are available

The first preview screenshots of download are available. Just click the images to get a first impression:

Some words for explanation: In future you will be able to sell collections “by shot”, so a client is not forced to subscribe to your shop if he is only interested in one collection. Instead he will find a link under each collection to “buy this shot”. The rest is really similar to the existing Select some collections, add them to the cart, buy, and enjoy the content!
So what is left to do for you as a merchant? Lean back and cross your fingers, so we will be live perhaps already next month! We will implement some nifty mechanics so you can enable your shop at a fingersnip ( or at least something comparable to that ­čÖé )

As always: You deliver the content, we do the rest!