Shopmaker is making the move to Google Analytics!

In continued efforts to improve the platform for our clients, Shopmaker is making the move to Google Analytics. Google is a leader in traffic tracking and we could not be more excited about the change. Google Analytics allows far more in-depth analysis, which helps you understand your customers more and also helps us better serve you with higher converting designs, join forms, and much more!

We are also to going to offer the ability to use your own Google Analytics tracking code on your Shopmaker site, just insert your Google Analytics code here at your merchant interface to get started.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New: We’re sending a newsletter to all clients!

From now on we’ll send a weekly newsletter to all clients. The email will include new collections from the shop(s) he just signed up and some recommendations (up to ten collections). Links are added to ‘buy the collection’ and ‘subscribe to the shop’. Click the thumbnail to the right to get an idea what it looks like.

Of course every client can unsubscribe at any time.

Clicks to your shop will have a special Piwik variable: ‘Shopmaker-Newsletter’, so you’ll find customers of this source in Piwik at Referrers → Campaigns.

New: Teaser videos are delivered as mp4 files

There is something new at mp4 instead flash for the preview videos.

Teaser videos of newly uploaded videos are now delivered in the mp4 format, the industry standard on the internet. Thus we achieve an improvement in the quality of the videos themselves and the widest possible playback performance on different operating systems, even on tablets and smartphones. In case the client is not able to play native mp4 files in the browser, we implemented a flash fallback. You can check for yourself if your current browser is able to play mp4 (H.264) videos at If you have a green mark in the checkbox at H.264 you’ll be able to watch the new teasers. Please note you’ll need a recent browser for this.

Previously uploaded videos will be converted to mp4 in the upcoming weeks, successively. No “To do” for you, we will do it in the background automatically.

This makes distribution of your teaser videos on the internet easier for advertising purposes. Remember: the new player allows easy distribution of links to your teasers on the internet, similar to Youtube. Just click the “Embed” link in the video player, copy the link and distribute it in forums, blogs, etc..

All shops that are not teaser able right now will find a switch in their merchant interface soon so you can enable this for yourself. Stay tuned!

SAFeR – Shopmaker Active Fraud Reduction

Most of your clients are honest and use their paid subscription only for themselves, as stated in the terms of your shop. But a few dishonest ones try to cheat and share their login and password with others, sometimes they even post them on the internet in forums, blogs or other websites. As a results hundreds of people could access your media without paying for them.

In order to safeguard your content and prevent illegal downloads, we have implemented SAFeR (Shopmaker Active Fraud Reduction), a multi-stage anti-fraud system:

  • Your paysite is monitored 24/7 for unusual activities
  • If clients download from several countries or continents simultaneously their account is suspended
  • If logins or passwords appear on the internet the client is informed that his account is blocked. Our system constantly checks the internet, to find logins / password of your shops that have been leaked.
  • New clients are assigned a new password, if they provide a password that is known to have appeared on the internet
  • The maximum daily download amount is limited to the normal usage of an honest client. If this amount is exceeded, the client is informed / warned about the unusual acitivity and ultimitely his account can be terminated.

And best of all, SAFeR is integrated into the system. No action required from you.

Sorry, it’s time to switch your ip address again

The “older” ones of you might remember our last DNS change back in 2011 when we advised you to change the DNS entry from one IP to another. These changes are always quite nifty since the domains are your property and your action is required to change the corresponding IP. Well, it’s time again to change your IP. From now on please use This is the address of the new server.

There is a howto explaining parts of the process for here. Of course you can skip the part about registering a new domain and just change the IP.

So please go ahead and do the change now so your shop won’t experience any downtime. If you have any questions regarding this process don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bugfix: Error smashed in the new invoice system

As you might have noticed last month we introduced our new invoice system. With the kind help of Ginger from we noticed an error in the system this week. We were able to fix this error so the bills created this month are correct.
As big as the error was, so tiny is the impact, now the bug is detected and smashed: We just forgot to pay out some sales to you 😉 So when you open your bill from this month and see some “Sold collections” older than this month you know that you’ve been affected. These old sales should have been on your bill last month, but our invoice system just “forgot” these old sales, so they are on your bill this month.

We are sorry for this error and want to thank Ginger again for detecting the error!

New: We created some goals in Piwik for you!

We just set up two goals (sales targets) for each shop so you can track your conversion!
From the Piwik documentation:

Goal Conversion tracking is one of the most efficient ways to measure and improve your business objectives.

Read more about tracking goals and performance measurement here:
Gather further information about marketing in line with our tour at and feel free to contact us with any of your concerns regarding website marketing.

IMPORTANT! The credentials to the FTP server changed!

Hey dear merchants,
this is a note to inform you that due to some internal changes the credentials to the FTP server changed!
To get your new credentials follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your merchant account
  • Click on “Add a collection”
  • Scroll down to “Add new media”
  • Below this you’ll find the link “some notes about FTP upload”, click it to open the credentials window.
    Here you’ll find your new credentials!

FTP notes

FTP notes

A complete new media converter for

We just finished our rewrite of the media converter for Here are some technical details for the geeks 😉

  • We kicked the complete Mplayer / MEncoder stuff in favor of FFmpeg since FFmpeg is able to support even more codecs.
  • Also the imageset converter has been overhauled. It should be less error prone now since it is ok to have folders and other non-jpg files in the zip file. It will skip them automatically. One thing we want to mention here: From now on we only allow jpgs in the zip file, all other formats like png, gif or bmp will be ignored. Since everybody uses jpg right now, this should be not really a big concern.
  • We distributed all media. You can notice your media is now served from and These are so called Content delivery networks. This are two brand new servers with a lot of space available. Dealing with CDNs we will be able to scale up even more easy because we can add more servers in a very simple way.
  • Of course we kicked a lot of old legacy code, and rewrote even more code inside the application.

Of course we could not test all of these changes locally on our development machines, so we had to do some tests on the live servers. We made sure your clients were able to download all the time!
Nevertheless some merchants noticed errors creating previews in the merchant interface, so we want to apologize for any inconvenience that may have occured. Please report any issues you encounter to our team!