The all new – more than 20 color themes available

some available themes

The all new – more than 20 color themes available to customize the look&feel of your shop on the fly.

All shops which have already been migrated to the new platform now have the possibility to change the colors of background, buttons and other controls with only a few clicks.

Just go to your shop’s new admin interface, sign in and navigate to “Preferences / Edit Shop“. In the “shop design“ tile you can select and immediately pre-view more than 20 different color themes from a combo box.

If you like a particular  theme, you can apply it to your shop and your shop will immediately change its look&feel.

The all new – map of the world available in new merchant interface

Many shops have already been converted to the new look & feel. In the course of the transition, new features are also being implemented that make your life easier or offer new possibilities.

The latest development is a world map in the dashboard of the merchant interface, which visualizes worldwide sales. The more sales you have in a country, the darker the country will be displayed. You can zoom in on the map and if you hover the mouse over a country, the sales are displayed as a number.

With this tool, marketing campaigns can be planned better and their success can be easily tracked. world-map

Contact us if you want your shop migrated now!

The all new – The merchant interface

Last week we reported that all shops will soon be converted to a new „Look&Feel“ for end customers. At the same time, we are refurbishing the merchant interface, especially in regards to functionality and usability.

The new merchant interface is available already for all merchants, even if the respective shop itself has not been converted to the new “mobile friendly” design yet.  Some admin features apply to the new design alone, though.

Go to and log in with your known merchant login credentials (username and password). Merchants who are running several different shops under one username will find it particularly useful that they now can manage all shops from one single location and do not have to go to each shop’s URL separately.

For the next couple of weeks, we are planning a series of blog posts to highlight noteworthy features of the “The all new”.

Here is a look at the new merchant

New shop design goes live for end customers

We have completely overhauled our shopmaker system over the past few months and we invested in particular into a “mobile-friendly” design so that all shops will look equally good on mobile phones and tablets as well as on on normal computer monitors.

In doing so, the speed of page loading and the stability of the overall system have also been heavily optimized. In the coming months, all shops will be brought to this new standard.

Take a look at some of the already converted shops, e.g. or

sexytiedgirls-responsive goes mobile – sneak preview of our new responsive and mobile-friendly shop design

One of the major trends on the Internet is the growth of mobile traffic. In order to capture a fair share of this traffic websites need to be able to adapt to different screen sizes, in particular widescreen desktop monitors, smaller desktop monitors (or laptops), tablets and smart phones.

Responsive web design (RWD) provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling – across a wide range of devices.

We are in the final stages of testing our new responsive design approach. Take a look at a shop in different screen sizes and pay attention to adapting buttons and navigation: