Howto: register a domain

Step 1: Search and register your domain

Search and register your domainSearch and register your domain at Namecheap.
Follow the order proccess, it is straight forward.

Step 2: Set a Catch-All Email

Set a Catch-All EmailAfter completing the order go to the domain settings by clicking on the domain. Set up a Catch-All Redirect email to another email you own (gmail, yahoo, etc.). Make sure emails sent to reach you!

Step 3: Set up DNS

Now select “Advanced DNS” and delete all “CNAME Record” and “URL Redirect” entries. After that add entries with the following values:

Type:  A Record
Host:  @
Type:  CNAME Record
Host:  www

Please note:

  • Please exchange “” to match your actual domain name.
  • The last dot (after the last letter of your domain) in the second entry at “Value” has to be included.
  • It may take up to several hours to get all this to work!

Step 4: Shopmaker needs to set up a SSL certificate

When your domain is connected to our server we need to create a SSL certificate for your shop so it is available via HTTPS. Due to technical issues how SSL works you need to contact us and tell us your domain name. We’ll create the certificate for you in no time.

When everything works, you should be redirected to your shop when you enter your domain.