Important update regarding compliance and payment processing

Due to restrictions by the compliance and risk management of our current credit card processor, we are encouraged to avoid wordings around ‘forced’, ‘drugged’, ‘young girls’ and such. That’s why we are required to keep our shops from being disconnected. We are doing these monitoring checks for your and our immunity and compliance.

Meaning that we have to brief one major change concerning one or two shops.

Calling the issue by name: If your content is not fully compliant with the guidelines of our processor, we’ll contact you in no time and recommend to proceed smoothly with our cashport. You’d still operate with our shop technology and technical infrastructure – including hosting, development and services – and, what is more, you’d continue to process all credit card transactions with another PSP such as Epoch, Zombaio or CCBill.

Don’t you worry, if you are involved 🙂
By now, we still got time until the end of July 2013 to shift to your new PSP solution. And best of all: If you wish, we would take entire care of that shift. Anyway, will keep being the right hand and wingman for your business.

By the use of cashport, there is no 65:35 split, but a fair pricing structure:

Credits Price
0.15 €
0.14 €
0.13 €
0.12 €
0.11 €
0.10 €
0.09 €
0.08 €
0.07 €

(1 credit is 1 user per day)

Full billing service by in the future is not precluded by this fact.
We have to hang on during this progress and promise to keep you in the loop, of course closest possible.

Feel free to get in touch and let us know, if there is anything we can assist or provide you with.