Last substantial update on compliance restrictions

For the record: There was a necessary and massive shift to a new bank within the last weeks – this step was related to a new payment service provider as well. By this method we are able to proceed with a reliable acquiring solution including a payment gateway for credit card transactions (and alternative payment options in the future).

During the current filtering process concerning the approval for processing of all shops, we were having issues with the database application while building our blacklist. We have now fixed and reasoned this one – hopefully for good.

Your collections which are compliant will be made available to the public again. We’re sorry for the misunderstanding and inconvenience. We know, we needed to make it better – and we appreciate your allegiance! You can review the effective blacklist in the FAQ section of your merchant interface.

On top of this we optimized the workflow in your interface by showing alerts whenever you’re adding, editing and listing non-compliant collections:



Please note that your non-compliant collections are pending and not visible to your clients right now.
After removal of the warnings mentioned above they become visible again!

Due to restrictions by the compliance management of our processor, we are encouraged to avoid wordings around ‘forced’, ‘drugged’, ‘young girls’ and such. That’s why we are required to keep our shops from being disconnected.
We are doing these monitoring checks for your and our immunity.

Also be sure to read our recent post about compliance restrictions:
Important update regarding compliance and payment processing