New: Teaser videos are delivered as mp4 files

There is something new at mp4 instead flash for the preview videos.

Teaser videos of newly uploaded videos are now delivered in the mp4 format, the industry standard on the internet. Thus we achieve an improvement in the quality of the videos themselves and the widest possible playback performance on different operating systems, even on tablets and smartphones. In case the client is not able to play native mp4 files in the browser, we implemented a flash fallback. You can check for yourself if your current browser is able to play mp4 (H.264) videos at If you have a green mark in the checkbox at H.264 you’ll be able to watch the new teasers. Please note you’ll need a recent browser for this.

Previously uploaded videos will be converted to mp4 in the upcoming weeks, successively. No “To do” for you, we will do it in the background automatically.

This makes distribution of your teaser videos on the internet easier for advertising purposes. Remember: the new player allows easy distribution of links to your teasers on the internet, similar to Youtube. Just click the “Embed” link in the video player, copy the link and distribute it in forums, blogs, etc..

All shops that are not teaser able right now will find a switch in their merchant interface soon so you can enable this for yourself. Stay tuned!

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