New video player for mp4 videos

As recently announced, we are gradually converting all videos into the default format of the Internet “mp4”. Because of that, we have the opportunity to offer our customers the videos in different qualities. High quality with correspondingly large files for customers with a broad Internet connectivity, and lower quality with smaller files for narrow download links, such wireless on a tablet.
In order to make the most use of mp4, we will again introduce a new video player, which at the same time offers a variety of new features, including:

  • You can select the videos quality:select source
  • If you let the mouse hover over the timeline, “thumbnails” are displayed showing a preview of the corresponding scene:thumbnails
  • It is possible to jump to sections of the film, which have not yet been loaded, to continue viewing from there.
  • The player remembers the volume settings, even if you leave the page.
  • In addition to the possibility to share the video on Twitter and Facebook, you can now also send a link to it via email.

You have to do absolutely nothing to benefit from these new features. Just continue to upload your videos as usual with the maximum quality you want to have. We automatically take over in the background and convert it into the lower qualities.