PIWIK: The most powerful web analytics for shopmaker.com

To run a successful website you need to know your customers. How many visitors did you have, where did they come from, which website referred them, what browser did they use, how long did they stay, what pages did they visit?

Web analytics tools like PIWIK or Google Analytics provide this kind of information, in order to improve the effectiveness of a website or estimate how traffic changes after the launch of a new advertising campaign.

Due to privacy concerns we deliberately decided against using Google Analytics and chose PIWIK for shopmaker.com. Although Google Analytics is a very powerful web analytics tool it raises serious privacy issues, because data is stored on Google’s servers. Shopmaker.com’s PIWIK is running on our own secure servers and supports our strategy of data protection for our customers.

The PIWIK web analytics tools are directly available for all shops from the shopmaker.com merchant interface. You can even order daily or weekly reports to keep updated about your shop’s performance.