Relocation to faster server

We are currently migrating to a much faster server. Hopefully this new server will cope with our greater demands for some time. This also means faster page load for your clients. Unfortunatly every merchant has to change the IP address to which your shop’s domain name points to This is the address of the new server.
The old IP will work for at least two more weeks, then there will be a downtime because the old server will be relocated to a new site by our provider. After this relocation we plan to phase out the old server completly at which point every shop’s IP address should have changed.
So please go ahead and do the change now so your shop won’t experience any downtime. If you have any questions regarding this process don’t hesitate to contact us.

There is a howto explaining parts the process for here. You can of course skip the part about registering a new domain and just change the IP.