Shopmaker is making the move to Google Analytics!

In continued efforts to improve the platform for our clients, Shopmaker is making the move to Google Analytics. Google is a leader in traffic tracking and we could not be more excited about the change. Google Analytics allows far more in-depth analysis, which helps you understand your customers more and also helps us better serve you with higher converting designs, join forms, and much more!

We are also to going to offer the ability to use your own Google Analytics tracking code on your Shopmaker site, just insert your Google Analytics code here at your merchant interface to get started.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New: You now can send newsletters to your clients

newsletterAs you might have noticed there’s a new section “Newsletters” in your merchant interface. So from now on you can send newsletters to your clients to re-attract them to your shop. Often clients buy a membership, enjoy your content but then forget about it. A newsletter is the best possibility to get them back. Our friends from get their best conversation rates using newsletters so just give it a try. Of course every email includes an unsubscribe link since we do not want to spam.

Some things have to be done in advance, especially regarding your domain (setting some extra DNS records) so please contact us to get the instructions on how to prepare your domain.

The all new – more than 20 color themes available

some available themes

The all new – more than 20 color themes available to customize the look&feel of your shop on the fly.

All shops which have already been migrated to the new platform now have the possibility to change the colors of background, buttons and other controls with only a few clicks.

Just go to your shop’s new admin interface, sign in and navigate to “Preferences / Edit Shop“. In the “shop design“ tile you can select and immediately pre-view more than 20 different color themes from a combo box.

If you like a particular  theme, you can apply it to your shop and your shop will immediately change its look&feel.

The COPYRIGHT-POLICE successfully fights piracy for merchants

copyright-police logoLast summer decided to contract the anti-piracy experts of the COPYRIGHT-POLICE ( Since then almost 50.000 files stolen from shopmaker shops have been successfully deleted by the COPYRIGHT-POLICE from tube sites, forums, file lockers, search engines and torrents.

Automatic crawlers and dedicated employees of the COPYRIGHT POLICE permanently scan the internet for pirated films and images. The stolen material is catalogued in a huge database and the rightful content owner is identified in a second process step, partly automated, partly manual. If the content owner is a customer of the COPYRIGHT-POLICE then DMCA takedown notices are sent to the pirate site to delete the content from there.

Basic anti-piracy coverage (COPYRIGHT-POLICE’s Bronze package) is free for all shopmaker shops, a 29€ / month value. It includes:
  • your shopmaker shop prominently shows the COPYRIGHT-POLICE logo to scare pirates even before they steal your content
  • you have your very own account at the COPYRIGHT-POLICE with sophisticated statistics about your content and your piracy problem
  • automated Crawlers are trained with your shop’s keywords (i.e. URL and shop name)
  • automated DMCA takedowns and escalations
  • you can always report stolen files you found yourself and have them removed

Shopmaker merchants who want to do even more against piracy can upgrade to more comprehensive COPYRIGHT-POLICE packages (SILVER, GOLD and DIAMOND) at a reduced price (your 29 Euros from above are taken into account). The higher end packages basically include more manpower and more keywords. Not only automated crawlers will be looking for your stolen material, but also a dedicated human team (located in Germany, Poland, India and the United States) will actively search the corners of the internet for your content.

If you are interested to upgrade, drop us a mail via our contact page.

PIWIK: The most powerful web analytics for

To run a successful website you need to know your customers. How many visitors did you have, where did they come from, which website referred them, what browser did they use, how long did they stay, what pages did they visit?

Web analytics tools like PIWIK or Google Analytics provide this kind of information, in order to improve the effectiveness of a website or estimate how traffic changes after the launch of a new advertising campaign.

Due to privacy concerns we deliberately decided against using Google Analytics and chose PIWIK for Although Google Analytics is a very powerful web analytics tool it raises serious privacy issues, because data is stored on Google’s servers.’s PIWIK is running on our own secure servers and supports our strategy of data protection for our customers.

The PIWIK web analytics tools are directly available for all shops from the merchant interface. You can even order daily or weekly reports to keep updated about your shop’s performance.


Our paid advertising experiences

In the past two weeks we have tried paid advertising with one shop of Advertising is a tedious thing to be sustainable. So you could, for example, continuously invest 10% or 20% of the profits of your own shops from the previous month in paid advertising.

As you might have heard, Google has announced a couple of months ago, to no longer accept advertising for adult content. Therefore, we have been looking for another advertising partner and found JuicyAds (

JuicyAds is easy to use and you can increase traffic to your own sites with a small budget.

Here you can see the significant increase in visitor numbers after the start of the Pay-Per-Click campaign on July 31:stats

At JuicyAds you can select the countries in which the own banners will be shown, determine the maximum daily budget and set the maximum amount per click. After tinkering with different banners, target countries and Pay-Per-Click sums, we have achieved the most clicks with only 1.5 cents per click.

Here is an impression of the JuicyAds user interface, e.g. to select the target countries, together with statistics of the clicks per countries of the last 48 hours. So, if you have a strong user base in – let’s say – Germany already, you could exclude Germany from your campaign to get customers from other countries specifically.juicyads

If you have questions about JuicyAds or need assistance in setting up a campaign, please notify us.

You definitely need some banners, including at least one in the size of 728×90 pixels. More banners in other sizes cannot hurt, because they lead to more clicks.

SAFeR – Shopmaker Active Fraud Reduction

Most of your clients are honest and use their paid subscription only for themselves, as stated in the terms of your shop. But a few dishonest ones try to cheat and share their login and password with others, sometimes they even post them on the internet in forums, blogs or other websites. As a results hundreds of people could access your media without paying for them.

In order to safeguard your content and prevent illegal downloads, we have implemented SAFeR (Shopmaker Active Fraud Reduction), a multi-stage anti-fraud system:

  • Your paysite is monitored 24/7 for unusual activities
  • If clients download from several countries or continents simultaneously their account is suspended
  • If logins or passwords appear on the internet the client is informed that his account is blocked. Our system constantly checks the internet, to find logins / password of your shops that have been leaked.
  • New clients are assigned a new password, if they provide a password that is known to have appeared on the internet
  • The maximum daily download amount is limited to the normal usage of an honest client. If this amount is exceeded, the client is informed / warned about the unusual acitivity and ultimitely his account can be terminated.

And best of all, SAFeR is integrated into the system. No action required from you.

New: Now you can hide the publishing date of your collections

In the shop preferences you now have the possibility to hide the date when your collections have been published: