w50/2020 New clipspool, flags view, blurred collections

  • Our aggreation of all Shopmaker shops www.clipspool.com got a complete redesign. Go check it out!
  • We added a new flags view. From there you can change flags of collections, e.g. if the preview is blurred quite quickly.
  • You may now blur single collections so customers have to purchase to support you. Just select “Blur this collections’ preview” when adding or editing a collection.
  • You may now render links to previews in popups. As always you can change this behaviour in the settings of your shop.
  • We added more choices if your shop will show a preview video of your collections. You may now also select two or three months.
  • You may now enable payment plans again, that you disabled earlier. Before that you needed yo re-create them.
  • You may now decide if you show the names of payment plans to your customers. Otherwise the name is for your internal use only.
  • If you show a “Coming next”-area, we’ll also show a blurred preview video now. You may enable this area in the settings of your shop.
  • We now send you an email notification once a payment is on the way to you.

The new clipspool!
The new clipspool!

Bugfix: Error smashed in the new invoice system

As you might have noticed last month we introduced our new invoice system. With the kind help of Ginger from bound-sweethearts.com we noticed an error in the system this week. We were able to fix this error so the bills created this month are correct.
As big as the error was, so tiny is the impact, now the bug is detected and smashed: We just forgot to pay out some sales to you 😉 So when you open your bill from this month and see some “Sold collections” older than this month you know that you’ve been affected. These old sales should have been on your bill last month, but our invoice system just “forgot” these old sales, so they are on your bill this month.

We are sorry for this error and want to thank Ginger again for detecting the error!

New: The one and only bill

As you may have noticed in the dashboard of your shop from the next month on you will get only one bill per shop! This means that you don’t have to collect €100,- for subscriptions and €100,- for shopmaker.com download to generate a bill. As you can see in the screenshot the merchant will get a payout even if the individual amounts of income are not above €100,-

financial statistics

financial statistics