Bugfix: Error smashed in the new invoice system

As you might have noticed last month we introduced our new invoice system. With the kind help of Ginger from bound-sweethearts.com we noticed an error in the system this week. We were able to fix this error so the bills created this month are correct.
As big as the error was, so tiny is the impact, now the bug is detected and smashed: We just forgot to pay out some sales to you 😉 So when you open your bill from this month and see some “Sold collections” older than this month you know that you’ve been affected. These old sales should have been on your bill last month, but our invoice system just “forgot” these old sales, so they are on your bill this month.

We are sorry for this error and want to thank Ginger again for detecting the error!

A complete new media converter for shopmaker.com

We just finished our rewrite of the media converter for shopmaker.com. Here are some technical details for the geeks 😉

  • We kicked the complete Mplayer / MEncoder stuff in favor of FFmpeg since FFmpeg is able to support even more codecs.
  • Also the imageset converter has been overhauled. It should be less error prone now since it is ok to have folders and other non-jpg files in the zip file. It will skip them automatically. One thing we want to mention here: From now on we only allow jpgs in the zip file, all other formats like png, gif or bmp will be ignored. Since everybody uses jpg right now, this should be not really a big concern.
  • We distributed all media. You can notice your media is now served from files0.shopmaker.com and files1.shopmaker.com. These are so called Content delivery networks. This are two brand new servers with a lot of space available. Dealing with CDNs we will be able to scale up even more easy because we can add more servers in a very simple way.
  • Of course we kicked a lot of old legacy code, and rewrote even more code inside the application.

Of course we could not test all of these changes locally on our development machines, so we had to do some tests on the live servers. We made sure your clients were able to download all the time!
Nevertheless some merchants noticed errors creating previews in the merchant interface, so we want to apologize for any inconvenience that may have occured. Please report any issues you encounter to our team!

Bugfixes 1

  • After you had clicked on re-create in the collection preview, the preview was generated anew in the background – but it wasn’t shown to the merchant. Instead of that the old picture was loaded. This has been fixed now. Furthermore there is now a link for manual reloading (of the picture):
    Reloading collection preview

    Reloading collection preview

  • After you had edited a runtime, the status recurring / non recurring wasn’t saved. This has been fixed now. girlsinsteel.com advised us of these bugs.
  • In the future there will be a few more buttons. That’s why we stripped down the merchant menu. Several entries were adjusted to submenus. Moreover we included a link to Piwik, the statistic tool.