In case you missed (w41/2019)

  • You can now hide models and pages from non subscribers. Using this technique you can set up bonus memberships for your other sites at Shopmaker.
    1. Create a cheap payment plan at site A, usable with promotion code only.
    2. Create a page at site B, linking the promotion code payment plan from site A. Hide this page from non subscribers
    3. As soon as a client subscribes to site B, the page is visible for him and he may subscribe to site B for a cheaper price.
  • You now have a statistic of cancellation reasons for your clients at your sales statistics.
  • For merchants using the gamma template: You can now add an adult confirmation dialog to your site that is shown to clients prior entering the site. See an example here.
  • As we announced earlier we’ll shut down the matomo server soon, so please get a Google Analytics ID soon and enter that to your shops preferences to get advanced statistics.

Statistics for cancellation reasons

In your merchant admin interface you will now find how often a certain “cancellation reason” has been given by your customers who cancelled their membership. This information has been logged since November 2008.

It is now possible to click the “cancellation reasons”, in order to find out for what period of time those customers have been active who selected this reason:

For how long have the customers been active?

For how long have the customers been active?

This has been a feature request of

And we would like to use today’s blog entry to point out the fact that you can generate your own “cancellation reasons”. It should be far easier to meet your customers’ needs, if you know why others have cancelled their subscription. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Based on the previews I expected better material
  • I expected a higher ratio of videos
  • I expected a higher ratio of imagesets
  • I expected more nudity
  • Too few updates