SOFORT Banking now available in your shopping cart system

Yippie-yay, folks! We are constantly engineering and brushing up shop features or functionalities, hammering at website improvements to get finer results in usability and conversion rates. Today we have a little present for you regarding the international direct payment system SOFORT Banking:

We enhanced your payment options by enabling the SOFORT Banking gateway for one-time payments (single downloads) in your shopping cart system (at the cash point of paysites powered by download and even at

Your clients are able to select SOFORT Banking (Sofortüberweisung) in the checkout process as their favored method of payment.

Brief summary of the biggest advantages for you and your clients

No registration required (secure and easy payments at checkout)
High coverage of banks (SOFORT Banking is already available in 10 European countries)
Real-time transaction (instant download: digital goods can be received immediately)
Automated processes (no charge backs)

Cancellation Emails now promote other shops

When a client cancels his subscription to a shop we always send him an email to confirm this. From today on we promote other shops. It looks like this:

The promotion part in a cancellation email

The promotion part in a cancellation email

We always choose seven random shops participating in our little link exchange, so when you don’t, the cancellation emails to your clients will not include promotion for other shops. On the other hand emails from other shops will not promote your shop. (This means: Its always better to participate 🙂 Activate it in the edit shop page)

Declare a payment plan as a special offer

It is now possible to declare a payment plan as a “special offer”:

Customer view of special offer

Customer view of special offer

For that purpose you simply select the respective checkbox when you create the payment plan. In addition to that the merchant interface now allows to specify the activation day and the deactivation day of a payment plan:
Create special offer

Create special offer

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