New: You can now add custom images to your collection previews

It’s a feature many merchants asked for and now finally it’s ready: You can now add custom images (posters) to your collection previews.

Just go to “Show collections” and click any “Edit preview images” link. There you’ll find a new button “Drop new images here”, from where you’ll be able to add new images. So from now on you’re no more limited to images you find in your media but can add single images later.

As always: Please provide feedback if this does not fit your workflow or there is something not working as expected!

New: Create unique, single-use download links to any collection

create download token Get to know our newest feature, which just became available for all shops: “Download Tokens”: Within your merchant interface you can create single-use download links for any collection (a collection is a container that can contain one or more videos or imagesets).

A “Download Token” is a unique link to a specific collection that expires 24 hours after it has been accessed for the first time. Initially the idea was suggested by merchant wants to give his models access to the movie they starred in. “Download Tokens” do exactly that. The merchant now sends the link with the token to the model and the model is able to access the respective collection without having to create an account at the shop. After the model clicked the link for the first time it is valid for another 24 hours and expires afterwards (in order to minimize the possibility of abuse).

Of course, the real potential of “Download Tokens” lies in advertising and promotion. You now can create unique, single-use links to any collection of your shop. This link can be used in mailings or printed on fliers to be handed out on trade shows. The 24 hours only start ticking after the link handed out has been clicked for the first time.

Take a look at “Download Tokens” and tell us what you think. You will find them next to each collection.

New: Now you can hide the publishing date of your collections

In the shop preferences you now have the possibility to hide the date when your collections have been published:

New: You are now able to copy collections

We just added links to the collections index view so you can copy collections easily. You can use this technique to duplicate collections in case you split media in different parts:

copy collection

copy collection

You can also “hold the mask” when creating or editing a collection. When you save the collection you are redirected to a pre-filled mask so you just have to add a new medium:

hold the mask

hold the mask

New collections filter

We just refactored the collections filter to be more responsive: