New: Media are now converted before you add them to a collection (update)

Hey, we have some good news for you! Media are now converted before you add them to a collection. This means some changes on how to add new collections: When you upload new media we will convert them in the background and they become available after this conversion is complete.

The new add media dialog

The new add media dialog

What does conversion mean?
The conversion is the process when we grab some images out of your videos and unzip your imagesets. We will then create a media preview of these files. In the past this has be done when you add media to a collection, now it is done right after you uploaded the file. Because of technical limitations of the file transfer protocol (FTP) we cannot know when your upload of a file is complete we look at the last modified date of every single file in your FTP folder. When this date does not change for at least five minutes we assume your upload is complete and start the conversion. From now on you don’t see the files you *uploaded* in your “add new media” dialog but the files we *successfully converted*.

Why is this better?
Well, doing it this way you see what a medium contains before you add it to a collection. Isn’t this neat? Also you don’t have to wait for the percent counter to see if the file gets converted successfully. Last but not least this is much easier for us to maintain and it is much nicer for our servers.

Any drawbacks?
Not really. You have to wait some time from uploading to adding the media to your collection. As said before, we have to wait some time before we can start the conversion (and of course the conversion itself takes some time).

Some things left?
Yes. We have to care about media when there are errors while conversion. This is not implemented yet. Right now you just don’t see media that had errors in your “add new media” dialog. In the future we will list them and tell you what went wrong. While the initial conversion run we noted some errors which occured more often:

  • Do *not* zip video files
  • We have some problems converting real media files (.rm, .vbrm, …). We will take a look at this issue soon.

Also the deletion of media isn’t perfect yet. When you delete media now they will be deleted from our database and moved back into your FTP folder. After five minutes they will be converted again. We will fix this issue soon, too!

We just fixed the deletion of media and collections. You are now able to decide if you want to keep the files when you delete something (move the file back to the pool) or if you want to delete it completly.
We also added something new: If you create a folder named “exclude” all files in this folder wont be converted.