New: You now can send newsletters to your clients

newsletterAs you might have noticed there’s a new section “Newsletters” in your merchant interface. So from now on you can send newsletters to your clients to re-attract them to your shop. Often clients buy a membership, enjoy your content but then forget about it. A newsletter is the best possibility to get them back. Our friends from get their best conversation rates using newsletters so just give it a try. Of course every email includes an unsubscribe link since we do not want to spam.

Some things have to be done in advance, especially regarding your domain (setting some extra DNS records) so please contact us to get the instructions on how to prepare your domain.

New: We’re sending a newsletter to all clients!

From now on we’ll send a weekly newsletter to all clients. The email will include new collections from the shop(s) he just signed up and some recommendations (up to ten collections). Links are added to ‘buy the collection’ and ‘subscribe to the shop’. Click the thumbnail to the right to get an idea what it looks like.

Of course every client can unsubscribe at any time.

Clicks to your shop will have a special Piwik variable: ‘Shopmaker-Newsletter’, so you’ll find customers of this source in Piwik at Referrers → Campaigns.

The all new – map of the world available in new merchant interface

Many shops have already been converted to the new look & feel. In the course of the transition, new features are also being implemented that make your life easier or offer new possibilities.

The latest development is a world map in the dashboard of the merchant interface, which visualizes worldwide sales. The more sales you have in a country, the darker the country will be displayed. You can zoom in on the map and if you hover the mouse over a country, the sales are displayed as a number.

With this tool, marketing campaigns can be planned better and their success can be easily tracked. world-map

Contact us if you want your shop migrated now!

Our paid advertising experiences

In the past two weeks we have tried paid advertising with one shop of Advertising is a tedious thing to be sustainable. So you could, for example, continuously invest 10% or 20% of the profits of your own shops from the previous month in paid advertising.

As you might have heard, Google has announced a couple of months ago, to no longer accept advertising for adult content. Therefore, we have been looking for another advertising partner and found JuicyAds (

JuicyAds is easy to use and you can increase traffic to your own sites with a small budget.

Here you can see the significant increase in visitor numbers after the start of the Pay-Per-Click campaign on July 31:stats

At JuicyAds you can select the countries in which the own banners will be shown, determine the maximum daily budget and set the maximum amount per click. After tinkering with different banners, target countries and Pay-Per-Click sums, we have achieved the most clicks with only 1.5 cents per click.

Here is an impression of the JuicyAds user interface, e.g. to select the target countries, together with statistics of the clicks per countries of the last 48 hours. So, if you have a strong user base in – let’s say – Germany already, you could exclude Germany from your campaign to get customers from other countries specifically.juicyads

If you have questions about JuicyAds or need assistance in setting up a campaign, please notify us.

You definitely need some banners, including at least one in the size of 728×90 pixels. More banners in other sizes cannot hurt, because they lead to more clicks.

New: Now you can hide the publishing date of your collections

In the shop preferences you now have the possibility to hide the date when your collections have been published:

New: We created some goals in Piwik for you!

We just set up two goals (sales targets) for each shop so you can track your conversion!
From the Piwik documentation:

Goal Conversion tracking is one of the most efficient ways to measure and improve your business objectives.

Read more about tracking goals and performance measurement here:
Gather further information about marketing in line with our tour at and feel free to contact us with any of your concerns regarding website marketing.

Some minor changes made in the last days

We made some minor changes to in the last days. This post will inform you:

  • Refactoring of the join site: The join to your site is now possible in two steps instead of three.
    Chose username and payment plan in one step

    Chose username and payment plan in one step

  • Benefits: We will now tell your clients why exactly they should join your site 🙂 Check your join page to see the details:
    The benefits

    The benefits

  • Redirect from /join to /clients/new We made this so you have cleaner statistics in piwik. In the past they often got mixed up

New meta information added to the shops

We just added some more meta information to the shops. To point out our credibility we added icons of accepted payment methods like VISA, Mastercard, paysafecard or To protect children we added links to different children protection systems Cyber Patrol, Safesurf, NetNanny and CyberSitter:

Meta information in the footer of a shop

Meta information in the footer of a shop

Another possibility is to add ICRA to your shop. See this howto to get started!

We also added some more information about paysafecard (“What is a paysafecard?, “Where to buy a paysafecard?”, “How to use a paysafecard?”) when joining:

More information

More information

This is a feature request by and