100 % success rate of shopmaker.com’s anti-piracy DMCA department

About a year ago we asked for your support to further improve our anti-piracy activities. In particular we recommended putting watermarks into your videos / images for easier identification of illegally shared files. And we encouraged you to send us the links to your pirated files to complement our own search activities.

Shopmaker.com’s abuse department follows a multi-stage escalation process based upon the legal framework provided by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Any company on the Internet that receives a so-called “DMCA Takedown Notice” is legally bound to act immediately and remove the pirated files.

Our escalation process has stood the test of time. In the last year all (!!!) files that we complained about have been deleted in the end, a 100% success rate. Sometimes the file sharing website itself did not comply immediately, so we had to escalate the process to the infringing website’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) or even its payment provider. But in the end all pirated material was successfully removed.

Please continue to send us any pirated file you find to abuse@shopmaker.com in order to continue this success story and keep up the fight against piracy.