New: We check your domains expire date

Some weeks ago a merchant lost control of his shop because he forgot to extend his domain. So we build a new early warning system to alert you in case your domain expires. We will send you an email! You can also check your domains expiration date in the shop preferences:

The expiration date

The expiration date

As you can read in the screenshot the data when your domain expires is from the whois database so it may be inaccurate. In case of doubt please consult the whois database provided by your domains registrar!

Please check, if your email address is working

In the light of current developments: Please check, if your email address is working! Go to your “contact us” page and verify the email address:

The "Contact us" page

The 'Contact us' page

You have the possibility to change the address in your shops’ preferences:
The preferences

The preferences

If you are searching for the tutorial how to enable email for your domain take a look here.

New meta information added to the shops

We just added some more meta information to the shops. To point out our credibility we added icons of accepted payment methods like VISA, Mastercard, paysafecard or To protect children we added links to different children protection systems Cyber Patrol, Safesurf, NetNanny and CyberSitter:

Meta information in the footer of a shop

Meta information in the footer of a shop

Another possibility is to add ICRA to your shop. See this howto to get started!

We also added some more information about paysafecard (“What is a paysafecard?, “Where to buy a paysafecard?”, “How to use a paysafecard?”) when joining:

More information

More information

This is a feature request by and

Meaningful URLs

We always try to improve the search engine ratings of our shops. A big step in the right direction is the feature friendly_id, which has been released today:



This is of course a very simple and effective way to improve your position at Google et al.!