Linking and sharing of collections with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Co.

A much requested feature has just been released: Any collection gets its own set of social media sharing buttons, so clients can “like” or “share” your content on basically any known social media or communication network:

social media buttons

Sharing options do not only include Facebook and Twitter, but also more traditional tools like emails or mobile applications like WhatsApp.

This feature complements the links to your own social media accounts, which are shown in the footer of your shop (and which you can add and edit yourself in the merchant interface).

Improved social media integration into

Facebook and Youtube each have more than a billion users, Twitter reported more than 300 million active accounts, and reportedly Instagram recently surpassed Twitter’s user numbers. Content on social media sites can be shared and spread by users, which can unleash tremendous – sometimes viral – advertising effects.

Upon request, it has always been possible to put a link to a social media account into any shop built with And in addition to that, new promotional videos are already automatically published via the Twitter account of

With the new Responsive Design, announced last week, this integration has become even tighter and easier. And this new functionality can be utilized immediately – even with the old design.

Links to social media accounts can now easily be managed in the merchant interface under Preferences/Edit Shop. The item “social media” is located at the bottom of the page. Then, for each entry the appropriate social media icon will appear automatically in the footer of the shop. Here is the list of supported services and their respective icons (from left to right):

social media buttons

A good example for successful social media marketing is provided by DutchDame.