Browser-based “HTML File Uploader” officially released

The “HTML File Uploader” has finished beta testing and is now officially available for business. Many merchants have participated in the testing phase and a couple of thousand files have already been uploaded directly from the browser.

The new method is a superior alternative to the well-known upload via FTP and includes the following features:

  • Direct integration into the Merchant Interface
  • Multiple simultaneous uploads possible
  • Progress bar available
  • No more FTP client needed
  • Detection of incomplete uploads

In particular the last point can avoid many issues. FTP is a very old protocol and there is no way to tell if a file has been uploaded completely or if the connection was broken. Now, using the “HTML File Uploader” we can easily distinguish incomplete transfers from the rest.

You can find the “HTML File Uploader” in the Merchant Interface at “Media / Upload media”:HTML-File-Uploader

Of course, for the time being, you can continue using your FTP client.