SAFeR – Shopmaker Active Fraud Reduction

Most of your clients are honest and use their paid subscription only for themselves, as stated in the terms of your shop. But a few dishonest ones try to cheat and share their login and password with others, sometimes they even post them on the internet in forums, blogs or other websites. As a results hundreds of people could access your media without paying for them.

In order to safeguard your content and prevent illegal downloads, we have implemented SAFeR (Shopmaker Active Fraud Reduction), a multi-stage anti-fraud system:

  • Your paysite is monitored 24/7 for unusual activities
  • If clients download from several countries or continents simultaneously their account is suspended
  • If logins or passwords appear on the internet the client is informed that his account is blocked. Our system constantly checks the internet, to find logins / password of your shops that have been leaked.
  • New clients are assigned a new password, if they provide a password that is known to have appeared on the internet
  • The maximum daily download amount is limited to the normal usage of an honest client. If this amount is exceeded, the client is informed / warned about the unusual acitivity and ultimitely his account can be terminated.

And best of all, SAFeR is integrated into the system. No action required from you.