In case you missed (w22/2020)

  • It is now possible to add subtitles to your videos. Whenever we find embedded subtitles in your videos we’ll extract and offer them to your clients.
  • You may now hide pages from the menu.
  • We enabled Ecommerce tracking via Google Analytics.
  • You can now present site teasers as your homepage.
  • You can now enable extra youth protection at your shop. All images will be blurred if the client is not logged in.
  • The slider in our advanced template has been optimized for mobile usage.
  • You can now select a primary locale. We’ll prioritize this locale when creating URLs.
  • We made huge steps making the site faster by lazy loading images.
The new subtitles menu in our webplayer
The new subtitles menu in our webplayer

New: Customizable locales in merchant interface and auto translations

The locales shown are now customizable. All German speaking merchants get ‘German’ in addition to ‘English’ so they may enter their texts in both languages. You can even change the order of the languages in the preferences.

German and English text fields

We’re also able to auto-translate your content to English now. Just leave the english text fields empty and we’ll translate them in no time.

If you’re not speaking German you’ll no longer see the german input fields and get less distracted.

Further optimization of the URLs, now with locale string

Another step to optimize the URLs of your step lies behind us: In the future your shop will be available under /en and /de for the two different localizations we provide. This has a significant benefit: The language a visitor chooses is not longer saved in the session of the browser. Search engines have a full path to index: /en/collections and /de/collections, so there will be no longer dynamic mixed up search engine results like you see on this screenshot:

In future your shop is available under two different paths

In future your shop is available under two different paths

Of course all links you set in the past are still valid. A visitor of /collections will be redirected to /en/collections.

February showers bring forth March flowers

After we have held us back respective updates for the last two weeks, there is an entire bag full of innovations today:

  • The forum. wished to have a forum which is all-over integrable for the existing shops.
    The new forum

    The new forum

  • Localization: At the request of there is now a possibility to quote free text in German and English, how you might know it from You can translate:
    • Title and description of a collection
    • Name and description of models
    • Cancellation reasons
    • Runtimes

    The new text input mask

    The new text input mask

  • A bunch of many little bugfixes. We want to let you know that this probably was the biggest software-update in the history of Many more to come 😉