New: Create unique, single-use download links to any collection

create download token Get to know our newest feature, which just became available for all shops: “Download Tokens”: Within your merchant interface you can create single-use download links for any collection (a collection is a container that can contain one or more videos or imagesets).

A “Download Token” is a unique link to a specific collection that expires 24 hours after it has been accessed for the first time. Initially the idea was suggested by merchant wants to give his models access to the movie they starred in. “Download Tokens” do exactly that. The merchant now sends the link with the token to the model and the model is able to access the respective collection without having to create an account at the shop. After the model clicked the link for the first time it is valid for another 24 hours and expires afterwards (in order to minimize the possibility of abuse).

Of course, the real potential of “Download Tokens” lies in advertising and promotion. You now can create unique, single-use links to any collection of your shop. This link can be used in mailings or printed on fliers to be handed out on trade shows. The 24 hours only start ticking after the link handed out has been clicked for the first time.

Take a look at “Download Tokens” and tell us what you think. You will find them next to each collection.

Our paid advertising experiences

In the past two weeks we have tried paid advertising with one shop of Advertising is a tedious thing to be sustainable. So you could, for example, continuously invest 10% or 20% of the profits of your own shops from the previous month in paid advertising.

As you might have heard, Google has announced a couple of months ago, to no longer accept advertising for adult content. Therefore, we have been looking for another advertising partner and found JuicyAds (

JuicyAds is easy to use and you can increase traffic to your own sites with a small budget.

Here you can see the significant increase in visitor numbers after the start of the Pay-Per-Click campaign on July 31:stats

At JuicyAds you can select the countries in which the own banners will be shown, determine the maximum daily budget and set the maximum amount per click. After tinkering with different banners, target countries and Pay-Per-Click sums, we have achieved the most clicks with only 1.5 cents per click.

Here is an impression of the JuicyAds user interface, e.g. to select the target countries, together with statistics of the clicks per countries of the last 48 hours. So, if you have a strong user base in – let’s say – Germany already, you could exclude Germany from your campaign to get customers from other countries specifically.juicyads

If you have questions about JuicyAds or need assistance in setting up a campaign, please notify us.

You definitely need some banners, including at least one in the size of 728×90 pixels. More banners in other sizes cannot hurt, because they lead to more clicks.

New: Teaser videos are delivered as mp4 files

There is something new at mp4 instead flash for the preview videos.

Teaser videos of newly uploaded videos are now delivered in the mp4 format, the industry standard on the internet. Thus we achieve an improvement in the quality of the videos themselves and the widest possible playback performance on different operating systems, even on tablets and smartphones. In case the client is not able to play native mp4 files in the browser, we implemented a flash fallback. You can check for yourself if your current browser is able to play mp4 (H.264) videos at If you have a green mark in the checkbox at H.264 you’ll be able to watch the new teasers. Please note you’ll need a recent browser for this.

Previously uploaded videos will be converted to mp4 in the upcoming weeks, successively. No “To do” for you, we will do it in the background automatically.

This makes distribution of your teaser videos on the internet easier for advertising purposes. Remember: the new player allows easy distribution of links to your teasers on the internet, similar to Youtube. Just click the “Embed” link in the video player, copy the link and distribute it in forums, blogs, etc..

All shops that are not teaser able right now will find a switch in their merchant interface soon so you can enable this for yourself. Stay tuned!

Cancellation Emails now promote other shops

When a client cancels his subscription to a shop we always send him an email to confirm this. From today on we promote other shops. It looks like this:

The promotion part in a cancellation email

The promotion part in a cancellation email

We always choose seven random shops participating in our little link exchange, so when you don’t, the cancellation emails to your clients will not include promotion for other shops. On the other hand emails from other shops will not promote your shop. (This means: Its always better to participate 🙂 Activate it in the edit shop page)

New: Free Galleries

You are now able to generate “Free Galleries” by enabling Promo in the “Edit collections” (Quickedit) view:

Enable Promo

Enable Promo

After this you can preview the galliery by clicking on “view“. Now you can share your links on different sites like and your visits will increase to something like this ;-):
piwik Statistics

piwik Statistics

This is a feature request by and

Further optimization of the URLs, now with locale string

Another step to optimize the URLs of your step lies behind us: In the future your shop will be available under /en and /de for the two different localizations we provide. This has a significant benefit: The language a visitor chooses is not longer saved in the session of the browser. Search engines have a full path to index: /en/collections and /de/collections, so there will be no longer dynamic mixed up search engine results like you see on this screenshot:

In future your shop is available under two different paths

In future your shop is available under two different paths

Of course all links you set in the past are still valid. A visitor of /collections will be redirected to /en/collections.

Meaningful URLs

We always try to improve the search engine ratings of our shops. A big step in the right direction is the feature friendly_id, which has been released today:



This is of course a very simple and effective way to improve your position at Google et al.!