In case you missed (w22/2020)

  • It is now possible to add subtitles to your videos. Whenever we find embedded subtitles in your videos we’ll extract and offer them to your clients.
  • You may now hide pages from the menu.
  • We enabled Ecommerce tracking via Google Analytics.
  • You can now present site teasers as your homepage.
  • You can now enable extra youth protection at your shop. All images will be blurred if the client is not logged in.
  • The slider in our advanced template has been optimized for mobile usage.
  • You can now select a primary locale. We’ll prioritize this locale when creating URLs.
  • We made huge steps making the site faster by lazy loading images.
The new subtitles menu in our webplayer
The new subtitles menu in our webplayer

Mobile-friendly shop design ready for beta testing

Our new mobile-friendly design is available for all shops. If you want to try it, please go to your shop and insert “:88” after the end of your URL, for example:

We implemented a “switch”, so you can let your customers benefit from the new design already in the beta testing stage. For a while the old and the new design will be available in parallel to gather feedback. To enable the new design for end customers, please go to your shops’ preferences in your merchant interface and choose the 2nd option:

Take a look here to see that our design passed Google’s “Mobile Friendly Test”. If you want to perform this test with your shop, enter your shop URL here and do not forget to enter the “:88” at the end: goes mobile – sneak preview of our new responsive and mobile-friendly shop design

One of the major trends on the Internet is the growth of mobile traffic. In order to capture a fair share of this traffic websites need to be able to adapt to different screen sizes, in particular widescreen desktop monitors, smaller desktop monitors (or laptops), tablets and smart phones.

Responsive web design (RWD) provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience – easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling – across a wide range of devices.

We are in the final stages of testing our new responsive design approach. Take a look at a shop in different screen sizes and pay attention to adapting buttons and navigation: