In case you missed (w41/2019)

  • You can now hide models and pages from non subscribers. Using this technique you can set up bonus memberships for your other sites at Shopmaker.
    1. Create a cheap payment plan at site A, usable with promotion code only.
    2. Create a page at site B, linking the promotion code payment plan from site A. Hide this page from non subscribers
    3. As soon as a client subscribes to site B, the page is visible for him and he may subscribe to site B for a cheaper price.
  • You now have a statistic of cancellation reasons for your clients at your sales statistics.
  • For merchants using the gamma template: You can now add an adult confirmation dialog to your site that is shown to clients prior entering the site. See an example here.
  • As we announced earlier we’ll shut down the matomo server soon, so please get a Google Analytics ID soon and enter that to your shops preferences to get advanced statistics.

New design of the models page

We just updated the models page:

You now have a preview when adding models to a collection

You now have a preview when adding models to a collection.

This way it should be much easier to chose the right models!

We just updated the editor to be less confusing

You all know this really big editor when you create a collection or a model:

The editor in the past

The editor in the past

Well give me a guess, how many features did you use? Two, three? And the rest of the buttons? Did you looked at them at least once? No??

Fine, so we have good news. We just stripped down the editor to what you really need:

The editor now

The editor now

UPDATE: It is possible now to switch to the next field of the form with the Tab key.

Units for model measurements

There has been an update for the model pages. You are now able to add units to several of the model’s characteristics, e.g. weight = 65 kg:

Units for models

Units for models

In addition to that “eye color” and “hair color” have been implemented as select boxes. Plus, we have added “others” to the gender selection box 😉 This has been a feature request from