New: Communicate with your clients, write “News”

Many of our webmasters have requested a way to inform their clients about recent  developments, for example a new model, updated payment plans or changes to the website.


A new feature is now available for all shops, the “News” section. Within your merchant interface you can write short news articles, which will then appear on your website.

“News” are currently unidirectional, but maybe we will add a comment function for the clients later.

SAFeR – Shopmaker Active Fraud Reduction

Most of your clients are honest and use their paid subscription only for themselves, as stated in the terms of your shop. But a few dishonest ones try to cheat and share their login and password with others, sometimes they even post them on the internet in forums, blogs or other websites. As a results hundreds of people could access your media without paying for them.

In order to safeguard your content and prevent illegal downloads, we have implemented SAFeR (Shopmaker Active Fraud Reduction), a multi-stage anti-fraud system:

  • Your paysite is monitored 24/7 for unusual activities
  • If clients download from several countries or continents simultaneously their account is suspended
  • If logins or passwords appear on the internet the client is informed that his account is blocked. Our system constantly checks the internet, to find logins / password of your shops that have been leaked.
  • New clients are assigned a new password, if they provide a password that is known to have appeared on the internet
  • The maximum daily download amount is limited to the normal usage of an honest client. If this amount is exceeded, the client is informed / warned about the unusual acitivity and ultimitely his account can be terminated.

And best of all, SAFeR is integrated into the system. No action required from you.

The first preview screenshots of download are available

The first preview screenshots of download are available. Just click the images to get a first impression:

Some words for explanation: In future you will be able to sell collections “by shot”, so a client is not forced to subscribe to your shop if he is only interested in one collection. Instead he will find a link under each collection to “buy this shot”. The rest is really similar to the existing Select some collections, add them to the cart, buy, and enjoy the content!
So what is left to do for you as a merchant? Lean back and cross your fingers, so we will be live perhaps already next month! We will implement some nifty mechanics so you can enable your shop at a fingersnip ( or at least something comparable to that 🙂 )

As always: You deliver the content, we do the rest!