w20/2021 Upsells: Sell updates to your subscribers

  • You may now mark updates as ‘upsell’, so it is not offered to subscribers and everybody has to buy it as a single update.
  • You can now add the production year to your updates.
  • The promo code of payment plans can now be set by yourself (instead of just an integer set by us)
  • You can now choose to link payment plans with discounts from your promo pages.
  • You may now export your newsletter subscriptions to a CSV file.

New: You now can send newsletters to your clients

newsletterAs you might have noticed there’s a new section “Newsletters” in your merchant interface. So from now on you can send newsletters to your clients to re-attract them to your shop. Often clients buy a membership, enjoy your content but then forget about it. A newsletter is the best possibility to get them back. Our friends from jocobo.com get their best conversation rates using newsletters so just give it a try. Of course every email includes an unsubscribe link since we do not want to spam.

Some things have to be done in advance, especially regarding your domain (setting some extra DNS records) so please contact us to get the instructions on how to prepare your domain.

New: We’re sending a newsletter to all clients!

From now on we’ll send a weekly newsletter to all clients. The email will include new collections from the shop(s) he just signed up and some recommendations (up to ten collections). Links are added to ‘buy the collection’ and ‘subscribe to the shop’. Click the thumbnail to the right to get an idea what it looks like.

Of course every client can unsubscribe at any time.

Clicks to your shop will have a special Piwik variable: ‘Shopmaker-Newsletter’, so you’ll find customers of this source in Piwik at Referrers → Campaigns.