w20/2021 Upsells: Sell updates to your subscribers

  • You may now mark updates as ‘upsell’, so it is not offered to subscribers and everybody has to buy it as a single update.
  • You can now add the production year to your updates.
  • The promo code of payment plans can now be set by yourself (instead of just an integer set by us)
  • You can now choose to link payment plans with discounts from your promo pages.
  • You may now export your newsletter subscriptions to a CSV file.

In case you missed (w41/2020)

  • Finally crypto currencies are back. Your clients can now shop using Bitcoins, Etherium, Stellar and many more.
  • It’s now possible to highlight sites in the menu.
  • Your clients may now donate at your site. You now have a link in the footer of your shop, so clients can show their support to you. Special prices appy, check them out in the settings of your shop.
  • You may re-activate payment plans after you set them to “passive” earlier.
  • You can now hide announcements from non subscribers. Only paying members will see them.
  • We added a button so you may now select preview images of your updates automatically in the interface.

Trial memberships – lower the hurdles for your customers to subscribe

Customers do not want to add just another monthly bill to their monthly expenses. What they DO want, though, is the great content you are offering them. So, what you need to do is to lower the hurdles that might prevent a sale.

Probably one of the biggest concerns somebody has before joining a membership site is wondering if it will be worth their money. Before potential customers decide whether or not they will sign up, they are most likely thinking, “Am I really going to like it?”

And the easiest way to help your prospects past this conflict is to have a paid trial and show them a fraction of what they will be getting once they get full access.

The shopmaker.com system allows you to do just that easily: with a standard payment plan that has – in contrast to a normal payment plan – tight restrictions.

For trail memberships you simply set up another payment plan and decide:

  • How to name the new payment plan. The words “Trial Membership” or something similar spring to mind immediately 😉
  • If the trial membership is limited by download volume or time (number of allowed downloads or max. number of days running)
  • If the trial membership should terminate automatically or should transform itself into a rebilling membership at the end of the trial

New: Promote payment plans

When adding payment plans you are now able to set a promo flag:

Promoted payment plan

Promoted payment plan

This payment plan is only visible for clients coming to your site via a special promo link. You can use this link e.g. in emails:
The client has to enter the promotion code

The client has to enter the promotion code

This is a feature request by der-schwarze-dorn.com and sadistenzirkel.com.

New feature on-hand: Recurring payment plans

Some of you guys might know very well that we were working costly hard on that issue, but finally we may luckily report great news:

Shazam! From now on we are able to re-bill your clients (again).
In other words: Your clients can now purchase their subscriptions in the form of recurring payment plans, so at the close of a defined period of time (from one month to two years) they’ll be re-billed automatically which permanently renews their subscription until they cancel it.

With the cancellation of a recurring payment plan, your clients are asked to select a reason for termination.
These cancellation reasons can also be modulated and customized by you for analysis!

Technically we made an unseen changeover to a new payment processor who is able to provide us with eCommerce parameters that meet our need.

The very best: All of your existing payment plans have already been shifted. For you there is no difference whatsoever.
Your active payment plans (non-recurring subscriptions) are just expiring. New clients as from today are going to choose your upgraded payment plans.

Your action is required now: Just start using this feature in two shakes and boost your sales by adding new payment plans (same workflow as usual: Merchant Interface Menu > Clients > Payment Plans > Add a payment plan). We’ve already prepared an exemplary “pending” recurring payment plan in your merchant interface to your convenience and review.
Feel free to use this one hereby or simply set up your own:

30 days recurring
Price: $29.95
Price starting from day 31: $24.95 (optional appetizer)

Nice side effect: What about offering a membership trial of 3 days with an automated re-billing of a full subscription right after that? 🙂

Please pay attention to the fact that, as of now, the lifecycle of a subscription is no longer calculated on a monthly but on a daily basis: 1 month is now 30 days.

Thanks for reading!

If you have any requests or concerns regarding this feature, please feel free contact us – no matter what.

We just enabled Sofortüberweisung for all shops

Sofortueberweisung In case your shop was not able to process payments with Sofortüberweisung we just enabled it.
Sofortueberweisung is a payment processor available for all clients in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. It is a wire transfer activated from your home computer.
If you don’t want to sell your content via Sofortueberweisung you can disable it in the merchant interface!

DIRECTebanking.com allows you to directly and automatically trigger a credit transfer during your online purchase with your online banking information. A transfer order is instantly confirmed to merchant allowing an instant delivery of goods and services.

DIRECTebanking.com has been certified by the largest German quality and security institute, the TÜV, according to best-practice data privacy standards. There is no need for an additional registration or a credit card. It works simply, secure and fast with your online banking account.

New: Add a collection limit to your payment plans (Update)

Its brandnew: From now on you are able to add a collection limit to your payment plans. This means that a client will be able to download just a limited set of your collections. Think of it as a “test account”. As an example: Add a non-recurring payment plan for a very low price ($4,95) and add a collection limit of 2:

Add collection limit

Add collection limit

By buying this subscription the client will be shown this is a “limited payment plan”:
The client joins the site

The client joins the site

After the join process is complete the client will have to “unlock” every collection (up to the limit of course):
Unlock collection

Unlock collection

And take a look here in the My subscription view:
List of unlocked collections

List of unlocked collections

If the client reaches the limit he will be shown a message like this:
The limit is reached

The limit is reached

So the client will have access to the unlocked collections untill his subscription expires. After this all the hocus-pocus is over (and of course we hope he subscribes to a “real” payment plan)!

This is a feature request by sexytiedgirls.com, girlsinsteel.com and tramplingsite.com!

As always we appreciate any feedback on new features. Just tell us what you think of it and how we could improve it!

One thing is left I forgot to tell you: You have to unlock this feature in the shop preferences!

This feature is enabled by default now.