w50/2020 New clipspool, flags view, blurred collections

  • Our aggreation of all Shopmaker shops www.clipspool.com got a complete redesign. Go check it out!
  • We added a new flags view. From there you can change flags of collections, e.g. if the preview is blurred quite quickly.
  • You may now blur single collections so customers have to purchase to support you. Just select “Blur this collections’ preview” when adding or editing a collection.
  • You may now render links to previews in popups. As always you can change this behaviour in the settings of your shop.
  • We added more choices if your shop will show a preview video of your collections. You may now also select two or three months.
  • You may now enable payment plans again, that you disabled earlier. Before that you needed yo re-create them.
  • You may now decide if you show the names of payment plans to your customers. Otherwise the name is for your internal use only.
  • If you show a “Coming next”-area, we’ll also show a blurred preview video now. You may enable this area in the settings of your shop.
  • We now send you an email notification once a payment is on the way to you.

The new clipspool!
The new clipspool!

In case you missed (w23/2020)

  • You can now select a time when your updates should be published. You can even select a default publishing time of new updates. Before this your updates would always be published at midnight.
  • You can now chose whether the preview images should be recreated after adding or removing media from a collection.
  • Preview images you upload on your own are now preferred when creating the preview images for a collection.
“published at” with time

In case you missed (w41/2019)

  • You can now hide models and pages from non subscribers. Using this technique you can set up bonus memberships for your other sites at Shopmaker.
    1. Create a cheap payment plan at site A, usable with promotion code only.
    2. Create a page at site B, linking the promotion code payment plan from site A. Hide this page from non subscribers
    3. As soon as a client subscribes to site B, the page is visible for him and he may subscribe to site B for a cheaper price.
  • You now have a statistic of cancellation reasons for your clients at your sales statistics.
  • For merchants using the gamma template: You can now add an adult confirmation dialog to your site that is shown to clients prior entering the site. See an example here.
  • As we announced earlier we’ll shut down the matomo server soon, so please get a Google Analytics ID soon and enter that to your shops preferences to get advanced statistics.

New: Your shop tweets!

Great news: You may now connect your Twitter account to your shop at Shopmaker.

After your setup at Twitter we’ll tweet updates from your shop right to your stream. You may even select the segments from which your tweet is composed. We’ll also tweet as clipspool_com when a collection from you is published at clipspool.com.

All this you’ll find in your shops’ social media settings.

New: Customizable locales in merchant interface and auto translations

The locales shown are now customizable. All German speaking merchants get ‘German’ in addition to ‘English’ so they may enter their texts in both languages. You can even change the order of the languages in the preferences.

German and English text fields

We’re also able to auto-translate your content to English now. Just leave the english text fields empty and we’ll translate them in no time.

If you’re not speaking German you’ll no longer see the german input fields and get less distracted.

New: Your clients can now switch the currency

Just a short note: Every shop now has a “Currency selector” in the footer or header:

The currency selector in our new template

Please note, all transactions are made in Euros and the currency conversion is only for informational use. That means: While paying, everything is converted back to Euros, regardless of what the client has chosen. Right now only USD and EUR is selectable, but we’ll cover other currencies soon!

Update: We just added more currencies: AUD, BGN, BRL, CAD, CHF, CNY, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, HRK, HUF, IDR, ILS, INR, ISK, JPY, KRW, MXN, MYR, NOK, NZD, PHP, PLN, RON, RUB, SEK, SGD, THB, TRY, USD, ZAR

The all new shopmaker.com – more than 20 color themes available

some available themes

The all new shopmaker.com – more than 20 color themes available to customize the look&feel of your shop on the fly.

All shops which have already been migrated to the new platform now have the possibility to change the colors of background, buttons and other controls with only a few clicks.

Just go to your shop’s new admin interface, sign in and navigate to “Preferences / Edit Shop“. In the “shop design“ tile you can select and immediately pre-view more than 20 different color themes from a combo box.

If you like a particular  theme, you can apply it to your shop and your shop will immediately change its look&feel.

New: You can now select how many teaser videos you offer

You can chose how many teaser videos you offer to your non-members. Select between “None”, “All”, and “From the last four weeks”.

Selecting “From the last four weeks” has the advantage that you always offer some fresh new content but not giving away too much content for free. Teaser videos from collections created more than four weeks ago will be hidden.

Find the option in your shops’ preferences.

UPDATE: It is now possible to select “From the last two weeks”, too.