The all new – map of the world available in new merchant interface

Many shops have already been converted to the new look & feel. In the course of the transition, new features are also being implemented that make your life easier or offer new possibilities.

The latest development is a world map in the dashboard of the merchant interface, which visualizes worldwide sales. The more sales you have in a country, the darker the country will be displayed. You can zoom in on the map and if you hover the mouse over a country, the sales are displayed as a number.

With this tool, marketing campaigns can be planned better and their success can be easily tracked. world-map

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New: We created some goals in Piwik for you!

We just set up two goals (sales targets) for each shop so you can track your conversion!
From the Piwik documentation:

Goal Conversion tracking is one of the most efficient ways to measure and improve your business objectives.

Read more about tracking goals and performance measurement here:
Gather further information about marketing in line with our tour at and feel free to contact us with any of your concerns regarding website marketing.

Some news concerning the sales statistics

As you may have seen before we have some news concerning the sales statistics:

The new statistics

The new statistics

You are now able to select “All time” as a timeframe so you have a better overview of all your sales! Also the range did change slightly: The former “Month” is now “Daily”, the former “Year” is now “Monthly”, “Yearly” is a complete new range. Just play around with it, we hope you will find it usefull!
Expect more features of the sales statistics soon! As always, you can also hand in suggestions!