In case you missed (w33/2020)

  • We added the top Google Analytics referrers to your site to the dashboard
  • You can now choose to show the teasers of the first update page or the first two update pages instead of all/none or the last 2/4 weeks. This is quite useful for shops that are not updated frequently.
  • You can now add individual collection-based discounts, which means you can temporarily reduce the price of a collection.
Add discount to collection

In case you missed (w22/2020)

  • It is now possible to add subtitles to your videos. Whenever we find embedded subtitles in your videos we’ll extract and offer them to your clients.
  • You may now hide pages from the menu.
  • We enabled Ecommerce tracking via Google Analytics.
  • You can now present site teasers as your homepage.
  • You can now enable extra youth protection at your shop. All images will be blurred if the client is not logged in.
  • The slider in our advanced template has been optimized for mobile usage.
  • You can now select a primary locale. We’ll prioritize this locale when creating URLs.
  • We made huge steps making the site faster by lazy loading images.
The new subtitles menu in our webplayer
The new subtitles menu in our webplayer

In case you missed (w01/2020)

  • We added a todo list for you to gain more sales in your dashboard. We’ll add more items in the future. In general the dashboard got a remake.
  • We added the possibilty to add complete files as teasers.
  • We raised the time allowed for teaser videos.
  • When creating/editing an update the publishing date is a calendar now instead of select fields.
  • In cooperation with our partner we implemented the possibility to send DMCA Takedown Notices right from your merchant interface.

In case you missed (w49/2019)

  • We’ve been busy revamping the merchant interface in the last couple of weeks. But now it’s complete and better, faster and more intuitive than before.
  • We now have the possibility to play teasers when hovering with the mouse. Since this means preloading a lot of movies it’s only enabled on desktop browsers (and not on mobile devices). Take a look at Amateur Bondage to get the idea. You’ll also notice the teasers are collages of one second snippets.
  • The video player has been pimped. We now remember the last resolution (1080p, 720p, etc…) and the volume level the client selected.
  • Contact form spamming is a big deal these days. We implemented guards to detect and block spammers.
  • We downsized all teaser videos, so the clients have the possibility to view smaller teasers. Previously all teasers were only available in the format the merchant uploaded, e.g. when a 4k video has been uploaded previously only a 4k teaser video was available. Now we create 4k, 1080p, 720p and 480p videos.
  • Vouchers have been deployed to all shops. Now you can accept payments via cash or any form from a client. After receiving the money create a voucher code for this client so he can ‘buy’ this payment plan without paying for it (again). We’ll bill you our part of the revenue share plus VAT.
  • The country of the client is now added to all purchase notifications.

New: You can now select how many teaser videos you offer

You can chose how many teaser videos you offer to your non-members. Select between “None”, “All”, and “From the last four weeks”.

Selecting “From the last four weeks” has the advantage that you always offer some fresh new content but not giving away too much content for free. Teaser videos from collections created more than four weeks ago will be hidden.

Find the option in your shops’ preferences.

UPDATE: It is now possible to select “From the last two weeks”, too.

New: Teaser videos are delivered as mp4 files

There is something new at mp4 instead flash for the preview videos.

Teaser videos of newly uploaded videos are now delivered in the mp4 format, the industry standard on the internet. Thus we achieve an improvement in the quality of the videos themselves and the widest possible playback performance on different operating systems, even on tablets and smartphones. In case the client is not able to play native mp4 files in the browser, we implemented a flash fallback. You can check for yourself if your current browser is able to play mp4 (H.264) videos at If you have a green mark in the checkbox at H.264 you’ll be able to watch the new teasers. Please note you’ll need a recent browser for this.

Previously uploaded videos will be converted to mp4 in the upcoming weeks, successively. No “To do” for you, we will do it in the background automatically.

This makes distribution of your teaser videos on the internet easier for advertising purposes. Remember: the new player allows easy distribution of links to your teasers on the internet, similar to Youtube. Just click the “Embed” link in the video player, copy the link and distribute it in forums, blogs, etc..

All shops that are not teaser able right now will find a switch in their merchant interface soon so you can enable this for yourself. Stay tuned!