New preview themes available

Back in 2017 we introduced several color preview themes you can choose from for your shop. We just updated these themes and also have some new ones available:

  • literia
  • lux
  • materia
  • minty
  • pulse
  • sketchy
Over twenty different color themes
Over twenty different color themes

You can now theck these out using your shop’s admin interface. Sign in and navigate to “Preferences / Edit Shop“. In the “shop design“ tile you can select and immediately pre-view more than 20 different color themes from a combo box.

New: What’s coming next to your shop?

You are now able to show some previews for upcoming collections to your clients:

Upcoming collections

Upcoming collections

These collections are the next to be published. Just take a look at the live example at Juliettes Abductions to get the idea. Since this is a layout related topic we were not able to add this to the shop preferences, so just contact our team if you want to add this to your shop. As you may guess this is a feature request of Juliettes Abductions.