Your action is needed: activities against file-sharing

Stealing of content and the subsequent illegal distribution thereof via file-sharing and tube sites is a major problem. Many retailers have already been looking on their own for such pirated copies on pertinent pages.

To support our retailers, we are opening a new “anti-piracy” department, which

  • will actively search for illegally distributed content stemming from
  • and which will request from the respective file sharers in writing, to delete the files found, on behalf of each affected dealer.

As you might imagine, it is not always easy to identify content. Therefore we ask you to support our campaign:

  • Please add a “watermark” ┬áinto your films and photos, e.g. the name of your page at the bottom left of the screen as in the following example from: “Girls in Steel
  • Please search for your content on the internet on your own. If you find such and are not able to contact the file sharers yourself, we will support you. To do so just contact us!