Trial memberships – lower the hurdles for your customers to subscribe

Customers do not want to add just another monthly bill to their monthly expenses. What they DO want, though, is the great content you are offering them. So, what you need to do is to lower the hurdles that might prevent a sale.

Probably one of the biggest concerns somebody has before joining a membership site is wondering if it will be worth their money. Before potential customers decide whether or not they will sign up, they are most likely thinking, “Am I really going to like it?”

And the easiest way to help your prospects past this conflict is to have a paid trial and show them a fraction of what they will be getting once they get full access.

The system allows you to do just that easily: with a standard payment plan that has – in contrast to a normal payment plan – tight restrictions.

For trail memberships you simply set up another payment plan and decide:

  • How to name the new payment plan. The words “Trial Membership” or something similar spring to mind immediately 😉
  • If the trial membership is limited by download volume or time (number of allowed downloads or max. number of days running)
  • If the trial membership should terminate automatically or should transform itself into a rebilling membership at the end of the trial